Five Steps to SEO Reseller Profits


The internet is the single largest depository of human knowledge in our planet’s history. Search engines like Google conduct 100 billion searches around the globe every month; that is up to 93% of online experiences that start with a search engine. Companies that properly utilize the search engine can reach out to more customers and draw more traffic towards their webpages. Experienced and novice SEO resellers alike can better provide for their clients and increase their own value by using these 5 steps to SEO reseller profits.

  1. Know the Power of the Search:
    Up to 61% of internet users around the world use search engines to research products before the invest in a purchase. The website Outbrain found that online search is the number one driver of internet traffic to websites; this beat out social media sites by 300%.
  2. Make Wise Marketing Investments:
    Studies have found that up to 80% of internet users have trained their brains to ignore the paid advertisements that infest internet search sites. In truth, up to 70% of internet consumers only click on organic results.
  3. Focus on Inbound Marketing Solutions:
    Outbound leads like commercials, billboards, and print advertising sees a 1.7% close rate — the leads generated through SEO reseller strategies have a 14.6% close rate. Focusing on these organic leads not only leads to more success, it can cost up to 61% less than outbound leads.
  4. Generate High-Quality Leads:
    Drawing the customer in is the job of the search engine, but by generating high quality leads, SEO resellers are able to provide their client’s target customers with engaging content. Studies have found that generating high-quality leads is the greatest challenge for 61% of B2B marketers.
  5. Climb to the Top:
    Search engine optimization is naturally competitive, but there is an incentive to the competition. Up to 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of an internet search, but the very first organic search result on Google typically receives 33% of the search traffic. Although these 5 steps to SEO reseller profits can help, partnering with a SEO reseller program is the most certain way to learn how to sell SEO from the best.

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