How a Search Engine Ranking Determines a Business’ Success

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A search engine ranking plays a strong role in the health of a company that does business online. But a search engine ranking works just as effectively for a company that does not do business over the Internet. Most people will click on organic links instead of pay per click advertising, the difference of which is about 25 percent. That is significant for companies that advertise online because it shows them solid proof that search engine marketing is more vital, and much more effective, than online advertising.

Because people are increasingly using their smartphones to search for products and services available where they live, companies are relying on search engine ranking systems to get themselves more exposure. They know that by 2014, Internet usage through mobile phones is expected to surpass Internet usage over desktop computer devices, so they are making changes accordingly to adjust to a changing landscape. They know online marketing is crucial and that it translates from the web to the smartphone with ease.

Companies that understand the importance of a search engine ranking also comprehend that sales leaders generated through search engine optimization have a much higher closing rate at 14.6 percent than those for traditional outbound leads at just 1.7 percent. What an astonishing number to show proof that SEO works. Inbound leads from SEO also cost dramatically less than outbound leads sales professionals have used for years and years, which accounts for about a 61 percent drop in costs for the average business. Another astonishing number that would cause any sales focused business to ditch its cold calling and outbound sales efforts and pick up SEO as an Internet marketing tool to drive business.

A search engine ranking done through Google rankings is so common because the company itself has made such a dramatic stamp on the world that most online users flock there to find what they seek. Speaking of flock, it is interesting to note that the lawn of Google’s California headquarters is mowed by goats, providing both an ecofriendly way to mow a lawn and a cost effective one since the company rents the goats from a grazing company nearby rather than pay for the expensive costs to landscape it through a professional provider. Companies should take Google’s cue and focus on effective and cost effective search engine rankings to drive their own business sales to newer and higher and further reaching levels.

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