How to Paint Popcorn Celings – Amazing Bridal Showers

ou moving into a new property coming soon? There might be a range of things that you need to complete to bring the property to where you are happy with it. The house may require painting a new coat. It can also be difficult when it comes to ceilings with popcorn. Paint rollers that are used for normal purposes often struggle to distribute the paint into the crevices. This is a solution to the problem. In this vide, you can learn to decorate a popcorn ceiling.

The key to decorating a wall with popcorn all in the nap length of the roller. The nap length refers bristles’ length in the roller. Traditional rollers usually don’t have bristles with enough length for painting popcorn ceilings effectively. But, there are longer one inch nap paint rollers that are available. These long-bristled rollers are essential. Long bristles are able to complete the job. Paint a popcorn ceiling is going to be a snap with these bristles. You must purchase an art roller that has an adequate length handle that can be able to reach up the ceiling. Don’t have a narrow paint roller, which only offers you another foot of reach.


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