Is Paying Cash for Junk Cars Worth It? – Fast Car Video Clips

Find out if the purchase of used vehicles for scrap is worth it and what you can do when doing it.

When looking for your dream car there is a chance to see an ad for an extremely cheap model with the note “Salvage title”. When a car is damaged beyond repair, a salvage title will be placed. The car with a totaled title is car that has suffered damage and has repairs to be made that are more expensive than the actual value of the vehicle.

A salvage title doesn’t only mean damage from collision. A salvage title may include fire damage, water damage and stolen parts.

Salvage title cars can be several thousand dollars cheaper than normal cars even though they’re used. There’s also several disadvantages with salvaged cars, too.

Certain states don’t have a requirement for salvage owners to keep records about what happened to the car. Second, a car will never clear the salvage title off of the record. That means you’ll be unable to sell it for any amount even if you do a rebuild.

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