Need a Little Help With Internet Marketing? Here are a few Reasons to Invest in SEO

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No matter what kind of website that you run these days, there are going to be at least dozens that are exactly like you. If you run a more common company, like a dental office or a recruiting firm, there are probably thousands just in your area, let alone on the entire internet. One of the best ways that you can help more people to find your website instead of your competitors sites is through the use of search engine optimization. SEO can help you to raise your Google rankings and as a result, reach more people than you would normally be able to.

Because of the fact that Google receives between 65 and 70 percent of the Internet search engine market share, you need to make sure to do the work to make your site reach all of their ranking qualifications. Even if you are not impressed by the fact that the Google company headquarters’ lawns are mowed by goats or that the very first Google was a stick figure of the legendary Burning Man, you will still need to follow the rules that they have set up to determine which websites get ranked in what order during a search. Hiring a company that specializes in all of the ins and outs of SEO is a great place to start.

One of the best ways that you can do to increase your search engine rankings is through the use of search engine optimization. This kind of marketing strategy is referred to as an inbound lead. Recent market research has shown that inbound leads like search engine optimization actually cost about 61 percent lower than outbound leads, such as cold calling. One of the main reasons behind this savings is the simple fact that a significantly smaller amount of your employees time is spent on inbound leads. Cold calling takes quite a lot of time and has been shown to only be about 1.2 percent effective in creating a sale.

As many as 64 percent of smartphone owners shop online using their mobile devices. The astounding rise in the use of smart devices to access the internet has lead to a huge need to reevaluate web design so that websites are accessible for any device. If you are unsure of whether your website is preforming at the top of its game on devices such as these, you should invest in higher quality web design to ensure that you are not loosing any customers. Increasingly online connectivity through tablets and smartphones means that consumers are more informed than ever since resources like Google are at their fingertips at all times. Brick and mortar stores are increasingly facing challenges from online retailers as a result of the ease of not only getting a product, but also finding a better price much easier.

Regardless of what company you decide to hire to hep you with your SEO efforts, make sure that you hire someone soon so that your site does not get left in the dust of the lower search engine pages.

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