Should You Use an Hourly or Flat Fee Billing Service? – Loyalty Driver

fees or an hourly billing service for your work If you are interested, keep reading. The YouTube clip “Hourly Billing vs Flat Fee” illustrates the pros and cons for each choice in order to assist you in making a selection. Learn more!

Lawyers, in particular, typically outsource their billing and financial services. These providers can help track the way you invoice your clients. But, they’ll require you to establish if your offer a flat rate or an hourly fee.

The issue with hourly billing is that it can frustrate clients. People feel like they’re nickeled and cut for just a 10 minutes of conversation. This can result in unhappy clients that won’t refer you for future business. Also, providing estimates with hourly fees can be challenging, but switching to a flat-rate fee will ensure that you’re providing a true number to your customers.

It is crucial to analyze your case thoroughly and work out what it’s going to cost to bring it to where it’s supposed to be. In the end, you’ll determine a reasonable price that isn’t subject to change. This helps build trust. It is possible to watch the remainder of the video for further specifics about a flat-fee charging service.


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