The 4-Minute Bankruptcy Guide – Court Video

It is helpful to learn as much information as possible on bankruptcy. The following information will help you learn about bankruptcy in just the span of four minutes.

Modern bankruptcy laws were not enacted until 1898. Despite the fact that the U.S. Constitution gave Congress the ability to adopt regulations on bankruptcy. for individuals and organizations there are two forms of bankruptcy: liquidations and restructuring. Liquidations fall under Chapter seven of the bankruptcy loan.

Chapter Seven bankruptcy allows the debtor the ability to clear all outstanding debts, including child support obligations. The bankruptcy court will then appoint a trustee to examine your possessions and use the money to repay creditors. A limited amount of exempted items can be used to be used by the chapter 7 debtor. Anything not exempt can be sold in order to pay creditors.

Chapter seven bankruptcy filings are considerably less frequent than one would think. Many famous persons made use of the laws, including Walt Disney. These laws allowed Walt Disney to enjoy greater flexible finances that allowed him to devote more of his time to making the characters he loved. Watch this video to know more, and think about using a bankruptcy lawyer in case you require help.


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