The Basics of Force – E-Library

that result from an object’s interaction with another object.” It is common to use force every day, regardless of whether you are aware. It is utilized to lift things, shut doors, and throw the ball. In reality, you may be applying force more often than you realise.

There are a variety of very simple ways to use or exert pressure. Imagine yourself on a bike. You must pedal almost continuously to keep your body in motion. The wheels of the bicycle to spin and pushes your body ahead. To move or open any object, you need to apply forces. There is no need to apply force if you’re just trying to stop any object (e.g. the ball)

The majority of the time, force can be placed into two categories, the pulling and pushing. Many of the situations have been discussed previously can be categorized into one of the two categories mentioned, there are some that belong in both. The pull and push forces can be used to open or close doors. Force simply refers to the interaction between body and the objects. x7nvm8jmf8.

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