Why Using SEO Can Enhance Companies’ Presence on Google

Search engine ranking

A whopping three fourths of online users who rely on search engines to get information will never look past the very first page of results. What does that say about the companies that are listed on the second and consecutive pages of such results? It scares them into thinking they will never get noticed on major sites like Google. But they certainly can, provided they use successful online marketing tools like search engine optimization, or SEO.

Through these tactics, Google and others will ensure better placement in their search engine rankings, leading any normal business to get a better presence and better placement in front of the eyes that they want to notice them. Google and other major search engines use very specific tools and devices to establish and then order these rankings, though, and only qualified companies will guarantee results. Through earning high Google rankings, companies using these SEO services can benefit significantly more than their non SEO counterparts. Companies that go solo often fail in their SEO efforts. Likewise, companies employing qualified providers have significantly better SEO results and often go on to report higher revenues to boot.

Why else should companies hire SEO providers to gain them stronger access to customers so they can appear higher on Google search result pages? Because services like SEO, which is classified as an inbound lead, cost a whopping 61 percent less than outbound leads, or cold calling. Companies that employ cold calling know that there is an average 1.7 percent close rate for this tactic. What they may not know is that leads generated through SEO have a much stronger 14.6 percent close rate. And what marketers involved in the business to business world know is that more than half of them say SEO is the most effective and has the biggest influence on generating leads. So it costs less and is more effective.

Another reason companies need to invest now in SEO providers to gain stronger rankings on Google is that more people are using their smart phones and tablets to research companies. In fact, 65 percent of people using mobile devices say they use these devices to purchase items and even to sometimes research them. This stresses the dire need for some companies to expand their Google presences by first connecting with and then hiring an SEO provider that has proved it can garner such results for clients.

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