Google Rankings are the Industry Standard for Both Consumers and Businesses

Internet marketing

Google’s co founders were on to something when they used LEGO blocks to store the hard drives they were using to test the PageRank algorithm, which eventually would become what people today know as Google rankings. They did not necessarily have it in their pockets by using the LEGO blocks, nor did they necessarily hit the nail on the head when company co founders Page and Brin sent out their first Google doodle in 1998 with a depiction of the Burning Man to let employees know they were at the Nevada festival, but their concept was right on target, as they tested out the algorithm and did their best to perfect it. The company still works on perfecting its own algorithms and analysis processes, but it is far ahead of any other company both in terms of perfection and usage by the average person online.

Through Google rankings, online users can use search engines to give them answers to their most pressing questions. Anyone who has ever been online for anything has probably used Google at least once. And millions of people use it frequently throughout the day, both for work and for personal research purposes. The company markets well and is smart, but mostly people use Google rankings because they offer the best results.

As consumers increasingly use Google rankings to get their information, or more than 88 percent of online users in the U.S. 14 and older who will browse for product information online, companies are increasingly using tools like search engine optimization to be the answers these users are seeking for their questions. Also called SEO, the online marketing tool delivers clear cut results almost instantly for any company desiring top or very high up rankings on search. It works hand in hand with social media, another tool that is useful in promoting online accountability and one that about 40 percent of online users will utilize to further research a product before they hand over their credit card or cash to buy something.

To get higher up on Google rankings, these companies are utilizing myriad services to grab the attention of the more than 70 million users who will purchase something on their mobile devices or tablet computers too. They too will use it to help increase their indexed pages, which often leads to higher Google rankings. Through performing easy to do tasks like blogging, companies can improve their indexed pages by as much as 434 percent, therefore translating into more successful leads.


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