How Google Rankings are Changing the Business World

Google rankings

Google’s very first doodle is from 1998, depicting the Burning Man and letting the company’s employees know that its founders, Brin and Page, were at the Nevada event. While this little doodle did not seem to mean much back then, it signified just how innovative its founders were at being at the forefront of virtually every search engine technology imaginable. Today, Google is best known around the world as the No. 1 way to search for anything.

The world’s leading search engine ranking company also fundamentally changed the way people advertised their products or services in the online scope of things. Companies used to simply purchase online advertising, just like they would purchase an ad in a magazine or in the newspaper or buy up ad space on the radio or on television. But with the web, Google understood that there was a better way. And today, most people would say that the better way is through looking for information on Google rankings.

Businesses and consumers agree that Google rankings answer every question they have and fulfill their every online need. Businesses like it because they can use an online marketing technique like search engine optimization to place them high on Google rankings, while consumers like it because they plug in a keyword or several keywords and instantly get pages upon pages of results. Liking this Internet marketing tool is good, but proving it is even better, which is what most researchers have found to be true.

In fact, Google rankings have proved to researchers far and wide that most business will come from it than from pay per click advertising, with about a 25 percent higher conversion rate for organic click throughs generated from Google rankings than those for pay per click. More specifically and with relation to SEO, 57 percent of those who market themselves to other businesses say it represents the largest influence on generating leads. In other words, 57 percent of these businesses get business from SEO. And these leads are proven too, with an average of about 14.6 percent for closing rates, which is drastically higher than the 1.7 percent close rate that other types of leads normally generate.

Google rankings do more for the mobile world too, which is gaining a larger chunk of the market. Approximately 65 percent of people who have smartphones or tablets use them to make purchases and even research products. And largely, these consumers rely on Google rankings for results too.

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