Three Reasons Businesses Need Internet Marketing Professionals

Internet marketing

Calls for the demise of search engine optimization as a crucial form of internet marketing have been vastly overstated. Indeed, many who call SEO a dead online marketing technique are just doing it for the attention, the buzz that going against the grain generates. On the other hand, many spread this untruth around simply because they do not know any better.

The statistics, however, do not lie. 92% of adult American web users perform a web search at least once a day. Of course, this usage is not constrained only to the U.S.. Subsequently, Google now processes 100 billion searches, cataloging 30 trillion pages, every month, according to VentureBeat. If your business wants to cash in on the endless possibilities of internet marketing through SEO, keep reading.

  • Businesses Need to Blog
  • Did you know companies that blog stand to generate geometrically higher levels of traffic? Indeed, according to Marketing Sherpa, blogs using smart content marketing techniques can generate a 2,000% increase in traffic over 12 months.How? Businesses that blog generate 434% more indexed pages, resulting in higher traffic and more leads.

  • More Quality Leads
  • As aforementioned, smart internet marketing techniques lead to higher number of leads. However, leads do not mean all that much if that are not converted into actual business. Consider, outbound leads generated through traditional marketing efforts have an average close rate of 1.7%. On the other hand, those generated through SEO marketing have a close rate of 14.6%. In short, SEO is over eight times more effective at generating high quality leads than other forms of advertising.

  • Improved Search Engine Ranking
  • One of the most important benefits of internet marketing is its ability to grow search rankings. “PageRank”, named after Google co-founder Larry Page, forever changed the way internet marketing was done. Consider, when web users search online, 42% of them click the top-ranked organic result in Google rankings. If your business is not highly ranked, specifically in the top three slots, then it is going to miss out on considerable traffic. Internet marketing using SEO tools can help.

Can You Do It Yourself?

A huge number of American businesses try to do their internet marketing in-house. Many of them, specifically the larger businesses with more resources, are able to successfully craft a digital campaign in house. However, smaller businesses often lack the time and resources necessary to put into an effective internet marketing campaign that will benefit their business. If the latter sounds like you, do not hesitate to outsource your SEO campaign to gain all of the previously mentioned benefits and many more.

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